Since 1944, our firm has been operating under a team approach. A primary consultant, secondary consultant, and additional technical team members guide every client. As we provide a personal service, you will always have access to our team and will be included at every stage.

Our clientele includes small, medium, and large-scale businesses – whether they be family businesses, individually owned businesses, non-profit, NGO’s, or publicly traded companies, including the TSX, New York Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange.

It doesn’t matter what size you are, or where you are growing – Alec G. Henley Group is here for you!


Estate Planning

Estate planning has been an important topic at our firm since the 1950’s, when our founder, Alec G. Henley, became one of the first advisors to complete estate planning analysis for our clients. This area of expertise was fairly limited until the 2000’s when many others began to follow suit.

We have extensive experience in all areas of estate planning and work to ensure our clients’ financial affairs, including their estate, are in proper order.

Estate planning should be addressed long before retirement age; a process that should continue through your entire working career and throughout your retirement years.

We take a holistic approach to working with our clients’ advisors – from lawyers and accountants to financial institutions.

It is important to iterate that we are an independent company, and therefore we have no bias to any specific financial institution. We find the best solutions for our clients on a fully transparent basis.

The outcome of a good estate plan is a clearly written, well documented program with proper processes in place. We implement the estate plan and provide ongoing management to ensure that the estate plan is adjusted as required, due to personal circumstances, change in government policy, government rules, regulations, and taxation.

Our role is to provide individuals and families with a smooth transition through the estate process, where all parties have a clear understanding of what the goals and objectives are, how they were determined, and what necessary steps of implementation may be. All will clearly understand what was done, the reasons why, and that these decisions were made in consultation with our firm, as well as other advisors to best facilitate their wishes.

High Net worth Investment Management

Alec G. Henley Group has been providing financial advice to high net-worth, and ultra-high net-worth individuals and their families for over 70 years.

We are aware of the special type of advice and services that a high net-worth or ultra-high net-worth individual or family requires when seeking financial advice.

Our firm is known to be very creative with regard to complex planning strategies to accomplish the goals and objectives of our clients.

We are known to be problem solvers. We have extensive experience dealing with regulatory agencies including CRA and the financial services industry. This allows us to find and implement solutions that work best for our clients. We listen intently and find solutions that are tailor-made to suit our clients needs.


Group Life & Health

Group benefits are an integral component of any total compensation review. We work closely with our clients when recommending and developing group benefits plans so every employer can be seen as one who takes care of their members from a benefits, services, and cost-efficient perspective.

Our reputation demonstrates extensive experience and knowledge in our industry. As we hold no biases to any financial institutions, we consistently do what is best for our clients.

In addition, our professional qualifications and ongoing education via industry organizational conferences and other development opportunities allows us to stay up-to-date on group benefits, both within Atlantic Canada, nation-wide, and internationally.

As we have numerous clients in non-Canadian markets, through continued education we have gained the expertise and resources to provide the appropriate advice.

Executive Compensation

Alec G. Henley Group knows just how important it is to attract and retain senior executive management.

Executive compensation matters to businesses of every size and nature. Our expertise comes from learning our clients goals, objectives, and mission – allowing us to provide tailor-made solutions that work for both the individual executive member of management, as well as corporate entities.

Executive compensation planning positions you to attract the best of the best to your organization. It is also a way to ensure these executives will want to stay with an organization that offers a competitive level of executive compensation.

The results of executive compensation mean success for our clients – from hiring to retaining incredible talent. When individuals are compensated properly, businesses thrive.


Risk Mitigation Strategies

In our experience, risk mitigation strategies can be too complicated or lacking proper explanation. Both can prevent clients from a completely assessed and measured identification of risks.

A proper risk mitigation strategy should contain a financial needs analysis, estate planning, retirement planning, wealth management, as well as continuity and success in planning individual or family enterprises.

Risk mitigation strategies also relate to corporate needs, from shareholder agreements, key person insurance coverage, special risk and international travel to extended health care coverage for a lifetime.
In addition, underwriting is a major component of risk mitigation. We have internal expertise, but we also have access to direct independent external expertise depending on the subject at hand.

For more information on our services and unique approach, please contact our team today.